Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sabina Altynbekova

Kazakh Volleyball Starlet

Name: Sabina Altynbekova
Nationality: Kazakh
Date of Birth: 05 November 1996
Place of Birth: Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Sport: Volleyball
Height: 1m82cm (6'0)

Admittedly I did say we will focus on the Commonwealth Games for the duration, but when something or someone like this crops up, you have to react. The Kazakh Volleyball player has become a sensation at a Junior championships being held in Taipei, being declared a perfect beauty. Interneters from all over East Asia have been taking her to their hearts and she has already appeared in Anime. This has somewhat disgruntled the Kazakh coach, as the 18 year old is barely more than a squad player but has stolen all the attention.

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